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Little boy with cerebral palsy (CP) having physiotherapy prone over roller

Unlocking Your Child's Potential


Free To Move Physio is a clinic-based and mobile Paediatric Developmental and Disability Physiotherapy service covering Perth Metro and South Metro Areas.

Movement and mobility create freedom to explore, participate, create and learn.

At Free To Move Physio we utilise evidence-based therapy methods to support and enable children to find ways to move to their full potential.


We are a family-centred, goal-based, holistic therapy service. 

We provide land-based physical therapy at our clinic in East Fremantle, your child's home, daycare, school, throughout the community, and aquatic therapy.

We provide professional advice on handling, positioning and mobility equipment,

assistive technology assessment and prescription.

Mobility, access, participation, recreation, function and fun are our focus. 

Say Hello today to discover ways to help your child move better and achieve their goals. 

Say Hello!

Jenni and Chloe

"Daisy was my daughter Chloe’s first Physiotherapist after she was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. It was a scary time for us and we had so much to learn. Daisy was so kind and caring in her approach, she always took the time to listen and was supportive in our journey. She was able to engage Chloe in her therapy and we value the progress she made during that time."


"We saw Daisy from my son being a newborn to a walking toddler. He was diagnosed with a brain malformation antenatally, and Daisy provided us with knowledge, strength, peace of mind in knowing we were providing all the support needed for our growing child. We had a plan of exercises to practice at home after each session and she was so great engaging our son in the activities. Daisy goes above and beyond for her clients, and her patience, knowledge, experience and friendly attitiude is something to be admired. We are so grateful for her help."

Hollie and Billie

"Having a preterm baby is scary enough, let alone with additional diagnoses of torticollis and plagiocephaly. Daisy was able to guide and support us through our journey with her knowledge and positive reinforcement, which made a whole lot of difference. We are forever grateful for her input."
Little girl in her wheelchair wearing her AFOs with physiotherapist
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